A little bit about me ...

I am a traditional painting and drawing artist through my studies at the University of Washington and a self-taught digital artist. I have lived in the Greater Seattle Area for my whole life, and I currently work as a WANIC Art and Animation teacher at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

My dream is to work for a gaming company by creating concept or character art, or working on graphic design. I've loved games from a young age, and I want to combine that with my passion for art and creativity into a meaningful career. I will bring my hardworking attitude and compassion for others everywhere I go. 

Some of my favorite games: Professor Layton, Uncharted, Animal Crossing, Overcooked, Pokemon, Overwatch

WANIC DigiPen Art and Animation Instructor

2021 - Present

BA: Art Painting and Drawing, University of Washington

2017-2021, GPA: 3.82, Departmental GPA: 3.94

Animation Capstone, University of Washington


Student Producer 

Modeling Lead